Military Order of the Devil Dogs ~ NC Pack

0 pdd.jpg

Worthy  Pack Leader

PDD Greg Ciesielski


PDD Jeremy Barton

Worthy Sr. Vice Pack Leader

PDD Jeremy Barton


Ryan Seimer.jpg

Worthy Pack Police Dog

DD Ryan Seimer

MODD Devil Dogs 2.gif

Worthy Seeing Eye Dog

Worthy Watch Dog

2020-2021 NC Pack Officers

NC Pack Charter

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13 AUG 1992

P-DD Taine Pyle.jpg

Worthy Jr. Vice Pack Leader

DD Taine Pyle

DD Laura Hamilton

Worthy Asst. Police Dog

DD Laura Hamilton


PDD Charles Minton.JPG

Worthy Jr. Past Pack Leader

PDD Charles Minton

Ken Parker PDD.JPG

Worthy Dog Robber

PDD Ken Parker

PDD Julianne Rash-Froncek.webp

Worthy Smart Dog

PDD Julianne Froncek

Ric Ledford.jpg

Worthy Mad Dog

DD Ric Ledford

1 PDD Lisa Ciesielski (2).jpg

Worthy Dog Trainer

PDD Lisa Ciesielski



Worthy Barking Dog

PDD Randal Rempfer

PDD Greg Ciesielski

Worthy Pack Historian

Worthy Webscratcher

PDD Greg Ciesielski

DD Denver Grant

Worthy Deputy Dog Robber

DD Denver Grant

DD Mike Wartenbee
KCDD Tom Hazlett 1.JPG

59th Chief Kennel Devil Dog

CDD Tom Hazlett

Worthy Pack Vetrenarian

DD Mike Wartenbee